Rachele Lynn and Seth Meyers’ “Crazy for You” Finds 4 Main Cast Members

Rachele Lynn and Seth Meyers, who are working a pilot titled Crazy for You for NBC, have found their leading lady, as well as three other regular roles.

Shelley Hennig will portray Daisy, a charming assistant at a publishing company who, after a long time out of the game, re-enters the dating world. She soon finds out the game has sort of totally changed, and she would need her friend’s support to succeed in it. Hennig’s previous roles include MTV’s Teen Wolf. she also appeared on Days of Our Lives and had small roles in two horror movies.

Alice Lee will play Emma, Daisy’s co-worker, who is described as ambitious and organized. Lee currently appears in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. 

Tiana Okoye will play Tasha, one of Daisy’s best friends. She previously appeared in The Good Place and Nancy Drew. Nick Cafero will play Ethan, Emma’s boyfriend, who is described as a genuinely nice guy. He has previously appeared in The Office and Black-ish.

Lynn, who was a Saturday Night Live producer and a Silicon Valley writer, will write and co-executive produce the pilot.