You Can Soon Watch “Joker” in the Cinema with a Live Orchestra

Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker"

It looks like the Joker isn’t stopping at its over $1 billion at the box office and 11 Oscar nominations—there will be an international live-in-concert run that will kick off in London on April 30th.

This news comes just two days after the Joker’s film composer, Hildur Guðnadóttir, won a BAFTA for Original Music. She also won a Golden Globe and is the frontrunner for an Oscar.

“I’m thrilled to get to see and hear Joker in the cinema with a live orchestra. When we recorded the music, the orchestra brought such depth and detailed attention to the performances that we were all literally holding our breaths during most of the recording sessions. It was a beautiful trip. I’m so happy to get to go there again and for an audience to experience that too,” Guðnadóttir said about the event.

The live event, which will have a full orchestra, will start its run at London’s Eventim Apollo before touring the UK in July and expanding to other international locations. The conductor and orchestrator of the original soundtrack, Jeff Atmajian, along with Dave Mahoney, will conduct the UK tour dates.