“Veep” Creator to Make a Sumo Coming-of-Age Comedy Movie

From the Oval Office to the wrestling circle: Armando Ianucci, the name behind Veep, is making a comedy movie set in the world of amateur sumo.

Iannucci is set to executive produce the movie, while producing it will be Yann Zenou, who is behind Intouchables and Death of Stalin, as well as Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto and Gianluca Chakra, under their respective companies – YZE, Wild Swim, Record Player, NDF International, and Front Row Filmed Entertainment.

The film will follow Jonah, an overweight kid with low self-esteem. With the help of Hana, a Japanese janitor and former sumo wrestler, he tries to build a dojo and train for the U.S. Sumo Open.

It is still unknown who will play Jonah, but the role of Hana will be filled by American Japanese actor Suzy Nakamura, who played on HBO’s Avenue 5 and ABC’s Dr. Ken.

Richard Galazka wrote the script and Natalie Bailey will direct the movie. Bailey has formerly directed episodes of Run for HBO.

“Richard’s script is literally ‘laugh out loud’ funny whilst delicately exploring themes around body issues, bullying and self-worth,” says Zenou.

Filming is set to begin late spring in Cape Town, South Africa.