There May Still Be Hope for a “Jane the Virgin” Spin-Off

Andrea Navedo and Gina Rodriguez in "Jane the Virgin"

We may not have seen the last of Jane Gloriana Villaenueva…

Jane the Virgin is wrapping up this year after being on air for 5 seasons.

While it was originally hoped that the telenovela would continue in the form of a spin-off, the series was not picked up by The CW.

Entitled Jane the Telenovela, the show would focus on the characters in Jane’s novel and be narrated by Gina Rodriguez.

The reason it wasn’t ordered to series, according to CW President Mark Pedowitz, is that it “did not have what Jane had. It didn’t have the full quirkiness and fun. We are big fans of [show creator] Jennie Urman and Gina, and we have great appreciation for what they did. In this particular situation, this spinoff didn’t quite get to where we wanted it to get to.”

But Pedowitz is not ruling out a return in the future…

“We’ve reached out to Jennie and said if she wishes, we’re interested in pursuing a potential other spinoff for Jane. It is in Jennie’s court.”

Let’s hold thumbs.