Francis Ford Coppola Teases His Next Picture

Francis Ford Coppola is stepping back behind the camera.

The veteran filmmaker behind The Godfather may be 80 years old, but that is not stopping him from directing his next film.

The movie, entitled Megalopolis, has been described as his dream project.

In development since the early 2000s, the film is about an architect who aims to create a utopia in New York City but is thwarted by the city’s mayor.

“At this age, I have to tell you, I am more enthusiastic and excited about the cinema and what it means and what it can be and even with all of the new digital aspects of it, which I think are being misused,” Coppola told Deadline.

As for who will be starring in the picture, the director confirmed that two big names have been considered.

“We made the offer now to several actors. I can’t say they’ve accepted, but they were very enthusiastic. One of them is Jude Law and another Shia LaBeouf. I may shortly have my lead actress.”

Let’s hope so.