“The Invisible Woman” Finds Director in Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks. Photo by Stewart Cook/WWD/Shutterstock (10112932nr)

Elizabeth Banks just shared her take on Charlie’s Angels with the world, and she’s already getting ready to direct another major Hollywood blockbuster. She’ll be in charge of helming Invisible Woman for Universal, in addition to starring in this promising project.

The movie will be based on Banks’ original pitch, and it will not be directly connected to the upcoming Invisible Man movie, starring Elisabeth Moss. Erin Cressida Wilson, whose previous credits include Secretary and The Girl on the Train, will be in charge of writing the script.

The Invisible Woman remake is a part of Universal’s strategy to revamp some of the films from its vast catalog of monster-themed classics. They’re also developing Renfield, a new take on Dracula’s henchman, set to be directed by Dexter Fletcher.

The original Invisible Woman movie came out in 1940, and it served as a sequel to previously released The Invisible Man and The Invisible Man Returns. It had a more comedic tone than the rest of the movies in this franchise, making Elizabeth Banks the perfect pick to helm new take on this cult classic.