“Supernatural” Set to End After Season 15

Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki in "Supernatural"

An era is coming to an end on The CW.

Yes, Supernatural fans, we’re sorry to tell you that the show, which seemed to have gone on forever, does actually have an end date…

The longest-running sci-fi series on American television will be calling it quits after its next season, its 15th.

The show’s stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins broke the news in a video posted to their social media accounts.

“We just told the crew that though we’re very, very excited about moving into our 15th season, it will be our last,” Jensen says in the video. “Fifteen years of a show that has certainly changed my life… And we just wanted you to hear from us that though we’re excited about next year, it will be the finale. The big, grand finale of an institution.”

The series first debuted in 2005 back when The CW was still The WB.

But, as Misha said, “this family is not going anywhere even though the show will come to an end.”

The 15th and final season of Supernatural will consist of 20 episodes.

All we have left now is to bid the brothers Winchester, Sam and Dean, and their angel friend, Castiel, farewell, and sing them off with the song that has been accompanying the show from day 1.

Carry on, my wayward sons. There’ll be peace when you are gone. Lay your weary heads to rest. Don’t you cry no more.