Sophie Turner Rules Out a Sansa Stark Spin-Off

Sophie Turner in "Game of Thrones"

We know… it’s been almost two weeks since your last fix of Game of Thrones, and the withdrawal symptoms have pretty much set in.

While most of the world deals with the absence that the end of the HBO series has left in their lives, they are also busy speculating on the forthcoming spin-offs that await.

An untitled series from Kingsman: The Golden Circle writer Jane Goldman is already in production, but George R.R. Martin has confirmed that other possible shows are in the works, too.

It has, sadly, already been ruled out that one of the potential projects will focus on Arya discovering what is west of Westeros, but perhaps we still have a chance to follow Sansa’s rule as the Queen of the North?

Not according to Sophie Turner.

“I think it’s time to say goodbye to Sansa. I’m ready-ish, to say goodbye to her. I think my watch has ended. It’s been 10 years of my life and the best 10 years of my life by far,” the Dark Phoenix actress told Sky News. “I feel like if I played her again it would be just be more trauma.”

Let’s just believe that Sansa makes an awesome Queen, then.