Sony Releases Teaser Trailer and Air Date for “Venom”

Screenshot from the Official Teaser Trailer of "Venom." Sony Pictures Entertainment/Youtube

The first spin-off movie created by Sony in Marvel universe, Venom, will premiere on October 5, 2018. The teaser trailer is available below.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams.

The trailer features Hardy’s voiceover as we hear him saying, Everyone’s got their thing. Maybe it’s a breakup, a death, an accident…whatever it is, you used to be one thing. Now, you’re something else. We all have our own problems, our own issues, our own…demons.” When he says something else, he talks about a Brooklyn-based supervillain.

We first saw Venom/Eddie Brock in Spider-Man comics back in the ’80s. The initial idea was for Spider-Man to receive a new black alien suit during the Secret Wars series. It would affect him and almost turn him into a villain, but it eventually ends up belonging to the corrupt photographer Eddie Brock, creating Venom.

Check out the trailer.