The Last Season of “House of Cards” is Coming and We Finally Have a Trailer

Robin Wright in "House of Cards"

There’s a new chief in town – and she’s here to ensure that the house doesn’t fold.

Fans of the Netflix series House of Cards are gearing up to bid the political series farewell as it embarks on its 6th and final season.

But it’s no secret that the main character of the last 5 seasons, Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), will not be making his way through the corridors of the White House this time around.

In the wake of the Hollywood sex scandal, and several allegations of sexual misconduct lodged against Spacey, Netflix made a decision to immediately remove him from the series.

The result is that Francis’ bad-ass wife, played by Robin Wright, will be helming the final season for which the trailer has finally been released.

The clip, which debuted during the Oscars, depicts Robin behind the desk in the Oval Office, declaring, “We’re just getting started.”

The network hasn’t included a release date (other than “fall”), but we’re already dry-cleaning our suits.