Frances McDormand was Almost Robbed of an Oscar – Literally!

Frances McDormand. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (9446183jr)

Hands off Oscar!

Typically, when it is claimed that someone was “robbed of an Oscar”, it means something a little different than this…

You’d think that on Hollywood’s biggest night, with security — and paparazzi — swarming around, it would probably be a rather bad idea to try to commit a crime.

But, one guy definitely had the gall to attempt anyway.

Once all the winners have been announced and the acceptance speeches made at the Oscars ceremony itself, the industry’s elite makes their way to the Governors Ball to party the night away.

The little statuettes which have been won just a few hours before usually join the festivities, as stars mingle with each other and take selfies with Hollywood’s most famous man.

Best Actress winner, Frances McDormand, almost had her little guy snatched away, however, when she set him down for a minute whilst talking to someone.

The photographer for chef Wolfgang Puck, who always caters the annual event, caught the potential thief in the act and took back the Oscar. The assailant — now identified as Terry Bryant — then left the party after Frances said to let him go, before being arrested for grand theft.

If anyone spots this guy, please give him a Razzie instead…