Extended “Supergirl” Trailer Reveals New Costume and New and Old Villains

Melissa Benoist in "Supergirl"

The new extended trailer for “event Horizon”, the season 5 premiere of Supergirl gives us with some new plot and with a look on Kara’s new costume. Regarding the plot, the trailer showcases the growing conflict between Supergirl and Lena Luthor. “I’m not a villain,” Lena’s voice says. “I don’t want to kill Supergirl. I just want her to experience the same hurt she inflicted on me. Soon enough, she will.”

The trailer also introduces a new villain, Midnight. Played by Jennifer Cheon Garcia, Midnight is released from an alien prison and plans her revenge against the ones responsible for her imprisonment. “There is no hiding from Midnight”, says the “physical manifestation of darkness” before attacking Kara.

The new look of Supergirl includes a new suit which has the power to materialize according to Kara’s will, much like the Iron man suit in the MCU movies.

The official description reads: “Kara (Melissa Benoist) is surprised to find that CatCo has a new owner who has brought in a star reporter. New couples emerge and explore their budding relationships while J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) receives an unexpected visitor. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Derek Simon & Nicki Holcomb. Original airdate 10/6/2019”.

The new season of Supergirl will begin on October 6 on The CW.