Emma Thompson Translates Mom-Speak on “SNL”

Emma Thompson. Photo by Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock (9263589v)

What’s better than a strong, funny woman?

Three strong funny women!

Emma Thompson made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but she didn’t do it alone.

The Sense and Sensibility actress was joined on stage by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The episode took place on the eve of Mother’s Day in the US, and so the trio, who are mothers themselves, decided to pay tribute to the glorious and exhausting practice that is motherhood.

Mothers don’t always mean what they say (or say what they mean), so Emma, Amy, and Tina graciously helped us out by doing a little mom-translation.

“When a mom says ‘you look tired,’ what they really mean is ‘you look bad,’” they explained. “When she say, ‘Son, you know I love you just the way you are,’ she’s actually saying, ‘I’m bored of waiting for you to tell me you’re gay.’ When she says, ‘I love all my kids the same.’ What she means is, ‘Your sister is winning.’”

No matter what moms say, we still love them!