Could Ellen Pompeo be Checking Out of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Ellen Pompeo. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9168892kb)

What is Grey’s Anatomy without Dr. Meredith Grey?

We may just have to find out.

The medical drama is about to premier its 15th season on air and though we may have lost many memorable cast members throughout the series (some more painful than others), Ellen Pompeo’s voice as Meredith has always been a constant.

But the 48-year-old has now revealed that that may not always be the case…

“I’m clearly not prepared right now to make any formal announcement about what my future is on the show,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “But I am really feeling like we have told the majority of the stories that we can tell. It’s about time that I mix it up. I’m definitely looking for a change.”

Whether that means that something terrible is going to happen to Mer during the new season, we don’t know, but Ellen has signed on until the end of season 16.

And will they have to change the name of the show if she does decide to leave?