Disney Releases First Official Trailer for “The Lion King”

The first full trailer for Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King is finally here. 

The live-action feature is helmed by Jungle Book director Jon Favreau, and by the looks of it, the remake is a very realistic almost shot-by-shot take on the classic 1994 animated film.

The trailer opens with Simba and Nala exploring the elephant graveyard. It also features Simba’s exile at the encouragement of his uncle Scar. There’s also a glimpse of Simba, Pumbaa and Timon’s life together. 

The film features a stellar voice cast including Donald Glover (Simba), Beyoncé (Nala), Seth Rogan (Pumbaa), Billy Eichner (Timon), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar), John Oliver (Zazu), and James Earl Jones (returning to voice Mufasa).

The Lion King joins a number of classics that got the live-action treatment including The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo. Another Disney remake is set to hit theaters this year — Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin.

Watch the trailer below!