HBO Has No Plans to Reshoot Final Season of “Game of Thrones”

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

HBO has confirmed what many Game of Thrones fans already knew.

During the broadcast of the eighth and final season, dozens of die-hard Westeros devotees were disappointed with the way the series was proceeding, claiming that the writers had forgone all character development and rushed the plot to conclude in the 6 episode time frame.

The disappointment led to more than 1.6 million people signing a petition, calling on HBO to remake the final season which had cost millions of dollars to produce.

“There are very few downsides to having a hugely popular show. One I can think of, when you try to end it, many people have opinions on how to end it. I think that comes with the territory,” said the network’s president of programming, Casey Bloys, while at the Television Critics Association event.

“The petition shows a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the show, but it wasn’t something we seriously considered. I can’t imagine another network would.”

Aside from the anger felt by fans, critics found the final season praiseworthy, as it earned 32 nominations at the upcoming Emmy Awards.