Bruce Springsteen Reveals Whether He’d Enter Politics and Explains Why He Won’t Write More Anti-Trump Songs

Bruce Springsteen. Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9100733eg)

Bruce Springsteen discussed his potential run for office in the future and explained why he won’t write any more anti-Donald Trump songs.

In his recent interview for Variety, Springsteen answered the question if he was tempted to run for governor of New Jersey. “Pssht, nooo,” he replied. “I would have no business in politics. I’m just not interested in policy-making enough. I know people in entertainment who are interested in those things, but I’m a musician.

Regarding the anti-Trump song he released earlier this year, That’s What Makes Us Great, Springsteen said: “I’m not driven to write any anti-Trump diatribe; that doesn’t feel necessary at the moment. It feels a little redundant to me.”

“I’m ambivalent about… sort of getting on a soapbox. I still believe people fundamentally come to music to be entertained — yes, to address their daily concerns, and yes, also to address political topics, I believe music can do that well. But I still believe fundamentally it’s an affair of the heart. People want you to go deeper than politics, they want you to reach inside to their most personal selves and their deepest struggles with their daily lives and reach that place; that’s the place I’m always trying to reach. I’d never make a record that’s just polemical, I wouldn’t release it if I did. To me, that’s just an abuse of your audience’s good graces.”