Bono Loses His Voice Mid-Show

Bono. Photo by RMV/REX/Shutterstock (9760504m)

It wasn’t such a beautiful day for those who attended the U2 concert in Berlin on Saturday night…

The Irish rockers were forced to cancel their performance mid-show after lead singer, Bono, suddenly lost his voice.

Those in the crowd said that the frontman had been coughing before hoarsely apologising.

“I think we can’t go on,” said the 58-year-old. “It’s not right for you.”

Following the concert, the three other members of the band – Larry Mullen Jr., The Edge, and Adam Clayton – issued a statement thanking fans for their support.

“Bono was in great form and great voice prior to the show and we were all looking forward to the second night in Berlin, but after a few songs, he suffered a complete loss of voice. We don’t know what has happened and we’re taking medical advice,” they said.

We hope he gets better soon!