Adam Sandler’s Film Makes Bank at the Box Office

Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett in "Uncut Gems"

Adam Sandler’s new film is turning into the little indie flick that could. 

Uncut Gems is only scheduled for wide screen release on Christmas Day, but it has already opened at some theaters in the United States. 

The Safdie Brothers’ movie has received rave reviews as it features the Murder Mystery star in a departure from his usual slapstick comedic roles. Sandler plays a New York jeweler who finds himself involved in some deals that see him forced to perfect a fine balancing act between business, family, and those who would rather see him dead. 

After a decade in the making, the film has now made bank for the brothers, who wrote the screenplay alongside Ronald Bronstein. Multiple nominations from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, National Board of Review, and Gotham Awards, have sent audiences flocking to theaters.

The result is that Uncut Gems has already managed to surpass the million-dollar threshold on just the five screens it has been shown on. 

To date, the Safdies’ 2017 film, Good Times, is their most successful picture, having grossed $4.1 million, with the box office haul from Uncut Gems sure to outdo that when it officially opens this week.