Aaron Paul Wants To Reprise His Role As Jesse Pinkman In “Better Call Saul”

Aaron Paul in "Breaking Bad"

Following the release of El Camino, Aaron Paul has revealed that he would reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman “in a heartbeat”.

Paul’s character in the Breaking Bad series was initially meant to be killed off in season one of the show. His character was such a big hit, however, that the producers kept him in up until the very end. Recently, Vince Gilligan even gave him his own spin-off movie. Now, fans want to know whether or not there is a chance Jesse will turn for the series finale of Better Call Saul. By the sounds of it, Aaron Paul is keen.

“If Vince [Gilligan, Breaking Bad creator] asked me to jump onto [Better Call] Saul, I would do it in a heartbeat,” Paul told Entertainment Weekly. “And I would know it’s for very good reasons. So we’ll see.”

He clarified: “Look, we talk about it all the time, we really do, and we want to do it for the right reasons. We don’t want to just throw you in a scene that doesn’t make sense. Obviously, we would love to give that to the fans of Breaking Bad and the fans of Better Call Saul, but we don’t want fans to kind of scratch their head and they’re like, “Well, why did that happen?”

Season 5 of Better Call Saul will premiere in 2020.