The Young and Old Sheldon Coopers are Set to Meet on Screen

Iain Armitage in "Young Sheldon"

Some cosmic, parallel universe, crossover science thingy is about to happen and we’re super excited.

The uniqueness that is Dr. Sheldon Cooper could never have been contained in one series, so it seemed only fitting that CBS developed a show about his childhood entitled Young Sheldon.

Starring Iain Armitage as the titular character, the show is now in its sophomore season.

With the final season of The Big Bang Theory underway, it has now been confirmed that the 10-year-old, Lance Barber who plays his mom, and Montana Jordan who plays his brother Georgie, are all set to appear on the show.

It is not yet known how exactly young Sheldon will meet the grown-up version of himself played by Jim Parsons (who also narrates the spin-off), but we will find out come December.

Time-travel, anyone?