Watch the New Trailer for “Homeland”

Claire Danes in "Homeland"

A new trailer for the final season of the Emmy-winning espionage drama Homeland is here. 

The clip sees Mandy Patinkin’s Saul working as a national security advisor for the newly installed President Warner seeking the help of his protégé, Carrie (Claire Danes).

“I need Carrie in Kabul for a week off or two” he says “right away” to which she responds “hell yes.”

But after someone tells him “you have a traitor in your camp,” could it be Carrie? Could she have turned during her time in confinement? Did she conspire with her captors in that Russian gulag? 

“I believe you…no one else will,” Saul tells Carrie.

After a two year hiatus, it’s time to question everyone, in Season 5 of Homeland which debuts February 9, 2020.