Trying on the Batsuit Was Quite a Moment for Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson. Photo by Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock (9911654ax)

Robert Pattinson is super excited about his next role.

The 33-year-old may have become famous for starring as the sparkliest vampire alive in The Twilight Saga, but he will soon be stepping into the shoes of Gotham City’s Dark Knight.

Pattinson’s role as the new Batman was confirmed in May, but as he revealed to Variety, he was scared that rumors of his casting could cost him the part, which he had actively lobbied for with director Matt Reeves.

“When that thing leaked, I was f**ing furious. Everyone was so upset. Everyone was panicking from my team. I sort of thought that had blown up the whole thing… It was terrifying. I was like, ‘Oh f**k! Does that screw me because they are so intent on secrecy?’” The Lighthouse actor said.

When Pattinson got to finally audition in full costume (ie. the Batsuit), it signified a turning point.

“I put it on. I remember saying to Matt, ‘It does feel quite transformative!’ He was like, ‘I would hope it does! You’re literally in the Batsuit,’” he recalls. “You do feel very powerful immediately. And it’s pretty astonishing, something that is incredibly difficult to get into, so the ritual of getting into it is pretty humiliating. You’ve got five people trying to shove you into something. Once you’ve got it on, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel strong, I feel tough, even though I had to have someone squeezing my butt cheeks into the legs.’… You’re trying to think of the way to balance, how to bring something new to it and not want to scare people off, and work in the confines of the costume.”

The Batman is set for release on June 25th, 2021.