Tom Holland had a Super Awkward Meeting with Madonna

Tom Holland. Photo by James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock (9570300as)

Even stars get star-struck.

Exhibit A: Tom Holland.

The Avengers: Infinity War actor may come across as cool, calm, and collected, but that doesn’t mean he won’t freak out like the rest of us when meeting a celebrity icon.

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show, the 21-year-old relayed the time he met Madonna (yes, that Madonna), calling it “one of the most embarrassing experiences.”

While at an after party following the Oscars, where Tom had presenting duty, a friend of his asked if he had previously met the “Burning Up” singer, who was also at the shindig.

“An old friend of mine who’s a manager comes up to me and is like, ‘Tom! Tom! Do you know Madonna?’ And I’m like, ‘Funny enough, no.’ So, he drags me across this nightclub and introduces me to Madonna.”

So far, so good. Until…

“[My friend] can see me panicking and goes, ‘Madonna, Tom is an incredible dancer.’ She goes, ‘Really? That’s something I’d love to see — show me!’ So, I take her hand and drag her out onto the dance floor and as soon as I took her I realized it was a mistake… I start dancing with her and — there’s not much arms involved, I’m just doing a little two-step to try to warm myself up — and she’s so unimpressed… I just bailed and left. I just leave Madonna on the dance floor.”

Oh, Tom, we’re cringing for you.