This is Marvel’s Plan to Keep Tom Holland Spoiler-Free

Tom Holland at the "Avengers: Infinity War" film premiere, Los Angeles, Apr 2018. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9640561x)

Marvel fans love Tom Holland. Marvel bosses, less so.

The Spider-Man actor has a notorious habit of spilling the beans about big moments in Marvel’s movies during interviews and other press encounters.

For example, while introducing a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War last year, the 22-year-old actor inadvertently spoiled the ending by declaring, “Don’t worry, I’m still alive!”

His co-star, Benedict Cumberbatch, has also done his fair share of trying to protect the world from spoilers, as can be seen in this montage:

So bad is Tom’s ability at keeping secrets, that one half of the directing duo, Joe Russo, has now revealed his and his brother Anthony’s plan to keeping Peter Parker quiet.

“Yeah, Tom Holland does not get the script,” Joe said. “Tom Holland gets his lines and that’s it. He doesn’t even know who he’s acting opposite of. We’ll just, we use like very vague terms to describe to him what is happening in the scene, because he has a very difficult time keeping his mouth shut.”

It’s okay, Tom. You’ll be off the hook after the 26th of April!