The Strokes’ New Album is Coming in 2020

When last did we get music from The Strokes? If you’re still thinking, yes, it’s been that long. 

The New York City rockers last released an album in 2013, meaning fans have had to play Comedown Machine on repeat for almost 7 years. 

While rumors of an album have been circulating for years, nothing concrete has materialized, though guitarist Nick Valensi did say in September in reference to a sixth album, “When, I don’t know. If — I would say, it’s a strong likelihood.”

That probability now seems stronger than ever following New Year’s Eve. 

The five-piece outfit performed a show at Barclays Center to welcome in the new decade, and during the concert they debuted a new track entitled “Ode to the Mets”.

It gets even better, as frontman Julian Casablancas told the crowd, “Yeah, we’ve got a new album coming out soon. 2020, here we come. The 2010s, whatever the f*** they’re called, we took ‘em off. And now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back. If you really love someone, you’ll be frozen with them. You know what? I don’t know what I say generally, and I ramble a lot, but I love you guys, and it’s a real honor to share the stage and this night with you guys.”

Cheers to 2020!