The Creator of “Black Mirror” Talks “Bandersnatch”

Fionn Whitehead in "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Even if you have spent hours watching the latest episode of Black Mirror, exploring all the different avenues, it turns out you haven’t seen it all.

Creator of the Netflix show, Charlie Brooker, admitted as much in an interview about Bandersnatch with The Wrap.

The complex way in which the “choose your own adventure” was developed means that there are scenes within that not even the creators can access.

“No we didn’t do that [on purpose], it was an accident. We only can’t access them because we made changes to quite a few things and as a result — and technically, because of the way it’s been put together — is like one big timeline with all the footage on it and it sort of jumps to points along that timeline,” Brooker explained. “So there was a point after which, I think, we delivered [and] finalised that timeline, where we then altered something to do with the interactive path, which meant that now one or two sections were redundant.”

The former journalist also revealed that he and his team were rather embarrassed to tell Netflix about an ending which directly references the streaming service.

“It was our idea,” he said. “And it came about genuinely as a consequence of us talking it all through.”

And what was Netflix’s reaction?

“They just thought it was quite funny.”

Sounds like a good choice.