Singer and Actress Becky G Reveals She has A Half-Sister

LOS ANGELES - MAR 24: Becky G at the Album Release Party For Shakira's Exclusive Deluxe Edition at Target on March 24, 2014 in Burbank, CA

Singer and actress Becky G decided to share a secret with her Twitter followers on Friday. In a letter she posted on the social network, she revealed that she has a half-sister. According to the 20-year-old singer, she found about her sister Amber when she was 13 years old, and met her for the first time earlier this year. In the letter titled “With love…”, Becky G said that it’s her sister’s 18th birthday.

“Today is my half sister’s 18th birthday,” she wrote. “Yes I said it. My half sister. I learned about Amber when I was 13 years old. When Frankie was old enough and ready, my parents and I also shared this with him. Soon after that, my parents, Frankie, and I spoke to Stephanie and Alex. We all had questions and dealt with the information in different ways, but most importantly, we handled it together — as a unit.”

The Power Rangers star didn’t want to reveal reasons why Amber wasn’t part of her family but said she now hopes the two can “move forward”.

“I had made a promise to myself that the day that Amber turned 18, was the day that I would reach out,” Becky G continued. “As two individuals, legal, with no influence from either side, no baggage or bad blood from the past, in hopes that we can move forward in whatever direction us two decided to move in.”

You can read the whole letter on her Twitter profile below.

Becky G has lots of going on the business plan as well. She released a single “Mayores” featuring Bad Bunny in July 2017, while also contributing to Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas album titled Warmer in the Winter. In the acting part of her life, she is set to appear in an animated movie Gnome Alone, which will be released in 2018.