Seems Like Netflix Leaked the “Black Mirror” Season 5 Release Date

Bryce Dallas Howard in "Black Mirror"

Netflix may have tried to delete a recent tweet, but as it is with the internet, nothing is truly deleted.

The tweet in question relayed to a show that is all about technology, the internet, and its dangerous effects — Black Mirror.

The 5th season of the anthology series is hotly anticipated, with the previous installment having been released in December 2017.

According to an account called @NXonNetflix, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will drop on the streaming service on December 28th of this year.

The tweet was subsequently deleted and Netflix has refused to comment on the leak.

It was announced in October that the forthcoming season would include an episode in which viewers can decide how the ending.

We guess we’ll have to wait and see whether we do get Bandersnatch this year and whether the other 5 expected episodes will be released at the same time…