The Queen’s Corgis are Getting Their Own Film

Image via "The Queen's Corgi"

Forget Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and all their respective (in some cases yet-to-be-born) offspring — the real stars of the Royal family are getting their own movie!

An animated production about the life of Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis has been created by Lionsgate.

The Queen received her first corgi, Susan, for her 18th birthday, and bred them until 2015 when she began to fear that she might trip or fall with younger puppies around.

When Susan’s 14th-generation descendant, Willow, was put to sleep last spring, her line was over.

The Queen’s Corgi follows the monarch’s favorite pup, Rex, who gets lost in London. He ventures to reunite with his beloved Queen and learns some things about himself along the way.

We give it 3 woofs!