Punky Brewster is Making a Return

Soleil Moon Frye and Sandy in "Punky Brewster"

Young girls growing up in the 80s had Punky Brewster to look up to… and young girls growing up in the 20s will also have Punky Brewster to look up to!

UCP has confirmed that it will be developing a sequel to the NBC sitcom — 35 years after the original.

The 1984 version of Punky Brewster featured Soleil Moon Frye as the titular character, who is a young bright girl being raised by a foster father.

The modern-day edition will focus on an adult Punky — once again played by Frye — who is now a single mother attempting to raise three kids. She then meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her childhood self.

Frye will serve as executive producer on the series, along with Steve and Jim Armogida who will also write the show.

Welcome back, Punky!