Paul Mescal Takes Colosseum By Storm in “Gladiator II” Trailer

    Paul Mescal in “Gladiator II”
    Paul Mescal in “Gladiator II”

    Gladiator is the latest 2000s classic getting its long-awaited sequel, and the next chapter of this story was worth the wait. The first trailer for Gladiator II takes us back to Ancient Rome and sees Paul Mescal stepping into the Colosseum as the resilient gladiator Lucius Verus.

    When we were first introduced to Lucius Verus in Gladiator, he was just a young man with a bright future ahead of him. The son of Marcus Aurelius and Lucilla was in line to sit on the throne of the Roman Empire, but he’s been living in obscurity ever since.

    His peaceful life in the coastal town of Numidia comes to a halt after he’s snatched from his home by the Roman army. He’s forced to fight in the arena as a gladiator, and he’s determined to use his time in the spotlight to challenge the rule of emperors Caracalla and Geta.

    In addition to Paul Mescal in the lead role, the star-studded cast of Gladiator II also includes Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, plus Fred Hechinger, Derek Jacobi, May Calamawy, Tim McInnerny, Alexander Karim, and Rory McCann in supporting roles.

    Gladiator II will arrive in theatres worldwide on November 15, before premiering in North America on November 22.