“Onward” to Feature First Self-Identifying LGBTQ Character in Disney Animated Movie

A new Pixar-Disney animated movie is about to hit the big screen, and with it will come the first appearance of a self-identified LGBTQ character in an animated Disney movie.

Onward premiers on March 6th and will include a character called Officer Specter, a policewoman who references her girlfriend in one of the scenes.

It should be noted that although it is not the first LGBTQ character that appears in a Disney film, it is the first to do so while openly identifying herself as part of the LGBTQ community. It also should be noted that she’s not a major character in the movie.

According to the movie’s producer Kori Rae, the inclusion of Officer Specter is a way to “open up the world a little bit” and to “represent the modern world.”

Speaking to Yahoo entertainment, Rae voiced his excitement over the performance of actor Lena Waithe, who voiced Officer Specter. Waithe is also openly gay. Rae said he would love to see “an Officer Specter spinoff.”

Dan Scanlon, the movie’s director, also voiced his excitement about the scene, saying it is important, because it’s representative of modern society.