“Killing Eve” To Have An Even Darker Second Season

Sandra Oh in "Killing Eve"

You would expect a series that has the word “killing” in its title to be pretty dark…

But, according to its lead actress, Killing Eve is set to get even darker in season two.

The sophomore instalment will continue just 30 seconds after the point season one had ended, on a rather “sharp” cliffhanger, as Eve Polastri continues to hunt down the assassin Villanelle.

Sandra Oh, who plays Eve, has already picked up a multitude of awards for the role, and teased what’s in store for her character during an interview with Uproxx.

“You know, I’d say definitely for Eve’s character — her journey — it gets super dark. I feel like she is pushed to the limit in her — not so much pursuit of Villanelle at this point — but her dynamic with Villanelle and her pursuit of her job. And she’s pushed to the limit, and then she goes over. She fell over. Yeah.”

We’ll find out just how far Eve fell when Killing Eve returns on 7th of April 2019.