Game of Thrones Star Speaks Out on Battle with Mental Health

Maisie Williams. Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (10191423bg)

Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame admitted that she has been struggling with self-loathing and her own self-image for many years, in large part to do with hurtful comments from internet trolls.

During an appearance on Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast, Williams divulges how difficult it was for her to read disparaging comments online, but impossible to stop herself.

“I went through a huge period of my life where I’d tell myself every day that I hated myself,” Williams confesses. But she says she’s “really trying to break free from [that] at the moment.”

Growing up in the spotlight couldn’t have been easy for the 22-year old. While going through puberty on its own is an arduous task, Williams spent the better part of her adolescence in the public eye, making her teenage years all the more difficult as constant scrutiny and negativity rained down on her.

While Williams is working very hard on her self-improvement and self-worth now, she admits that “There was a period of time that I was really sad and then I sort of came out of that. It’s now really terrifying that you’re ever gonna slip back into it, and I think that’s something that I’m really working on.”

We love you, Maisie!