David Harbour Teased Hopper’s Fate in “Stranger Things”

David Harbour in
David Harbour in "Stranger Things"

If you’re being kept up at night wondering what will happen to Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, David Harbour is the man to hunt down.

The fourth season of the Netflix hit arrives on May 27 and fans have spent the last three years speculating over the fate of the Hawkins Chief of Police.

Hopper appeared to be dead at the end of Season 3 with Eleven and the crew trying to deal with their loss. The teaser trailer for the upcoming season revealed, however, that Hopper is actually alive and being held captive by the Russians.

The Duffer Brothers are very secretive when it comes to storylines, with not much known about the penultimate installment of the sci-fi series. That said, Harbour managed to get some answers about whether his character will be eating Eggos with Eleven at the end.

“I needed to know where he ends up and for what reason he ends up there,” the actor told Variety. “I’m such a harassment specialist that I think I’ve gotten it out of them… I know what happens and it’s quite moving, and quite beautiful.”

As for what that actually is?

“I will hold this one to my grave, I promise. This is a big one.”