Christina Aguilera Releases New “Mulan”’ Song

Christina Aguilera returns to Mulan with a new song. 

“Loyal Brave True,” which dropped Friday, was written by Jamie Hartman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Rosi Golan and Billy Crabtree.

The new song from the live-action remake of the Disney classic isn’t the first time the singer was featured in a Disney movie — Aguilera made her debut in the charts in 1998 with the song “Reflection” from the original animated film.

“The film Mulan and the song ‘Reflection’ coincided with getting me my first record deal,” Aguilera said in a statement. “It’s amazing to come back to such an incredible movie that’s full of power and meaning, and that meaning holds the test of time: staying true to yourself, being who you are, and teaching how to be fearless. My new song, ‘Loyal Brave True,’ represents the fine balance between vulnerability and strength.”

Listen to “Loyal Brave True” below!