Chrissy Teigen had a Super Cute Food Idea for her Daughter

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (9159725n)

Anyone who has ever had a fussy 2-year-old knows that the food struggle is real.

“I always came from the mindset of ‘eat what we serve or go to bed hungry’ but I’m officially owned by my toddler, struggling to make a ‘dinner’ Luna likes aside from spaghetti and fish sticks… any ideas welcome!!” wrote Chrissy Teigen on Twitter.

But fortunately, the Lip Sync Battle co-host just so happens to be a renowned cookbook author which comes in handy with her picky toddler…

So what did she decide to do?

“I’m spending my days making a menu, cooking and plating every meal and taking pics so my darling angel will eat something. Who have I become… I just love projects.”

Luna now has her own page-through guide to decide what to eat, just like in a restaurant!

Can we also come over for dinner, Chrissy?