“Bad Boys 4” Is Reportedly Already In The Works

Bad Boys 4 is apparently already in the works.

Bad Boys is a comedy franchise from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The pair play the hilarious Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. The first film was released in cinemas in 1995, but Smith and Lawrence recently joined forces for a long-overdue sequel.

Bad Boys for Life has only just been released in movie theaters, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony are already getting ready for a third sequel. Chris Bremmer, who wrote Bad Boys for Life, has reportedly already been tapped to pen the script.

“Smith and Lawrence are, of course, expected to return and the plan is not to have the same time lag between Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life,” The Hollywood Reporter shared. “The time lag was due to several factors, such as spiraling budgetary costs, but also about finding the right story.”

There probably will not be more substantial news on the fourth installment for a while. In the meantime, here is the trailer for Bad Boys For Life.