“Are You the One?” Celebrates Pride Month with Gender Fluid Cast

"Are You The One?"

MTV’s Are You the One? is back June 26th for another summer of love, but with one major twist: an entirely sexually fluid cast.

The show has historically been extremely dramatic and unapologetically raunchy, and this latest season promises to up the ante even further. Sixteen sexually fluid cast members means there are no holds barred when it comes to finding “the one.”

The premise of the reality show invites contestants to live with 32 strangers to find their “perfect match” by the end of summer. Contestants complete challenges to go on dates and send pairs into the “truth booth,” which reveals whether or not two people are a “match.”

If all 16 couples are correctly paired up after 10 “match up ceremonies,” the entire cast wins a million dollars to split among themselves. The catch, however, is that the prize is cut in half for every week that the couples do not progress in the number of “perfect matches” they create during the ceremonies.

This season is a big deal for the LGBTQIA community and “discovering sexual and gender identities” in general. Perfectly timed to premiere in the midst of pride month, AYTO promises to be the hottest (and most socially progressive) show of the summer.