Adele’s Finally Releasing New Music With New Single “Easy On Me”

Adele at the Grammy Awards in 2017.
Adele at the Grammy Awards in 2017. Photo by Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock (8344889cf)

After tons of rumors and many Easter eggs, Adele has confirmed that new music is on the way! The 15-time Grammy-winner will be releasing her first single since 2015 and it’s titled “Easy On Me”.

Adele made the announcement on Instagram and Twitter with a black-and-white video featuring a piano melody with her putting a cassette into a car radio and turning the volume up and driving away as sheet music blows out of the windows.

The same day she announced the single, Adele went viral on Twitter after responding to a tweet about the outage on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp posted by the network that read, “hello literally everyone.” Adele responded with “Hiya babes!”

There’s still no word on when Adele’s next album will be released, but that hasn’t stopped tons of speculation. It’s rumored that the album will be titled 30 because Adele’s previous albums have been named after the age she began working on them. Speculation only grew after mysterious billboards with the number 30 appeared all over the world last week.

“Easy On Me” will be released on October 15.