Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Hung Out at a Gay Bar, As You Do

Our FOMO levels have totally reached their peak after seeing the latest pics of two of our favorite gals.

Adele has always seemed like the type of lass you’d like to hang out with and grab a beer. As did Jennifer Lawrence.

So, we’re sort of pleased that the two were seen hanging out together — if not insanely jealous!

The pair have been friends for a while, dating back all the way to 2013 when they met at the Academy Awards the night they both won Oscars (Adele for Best Original Song and Jennifer for Best Actress).

On Friday night, the two were spotted having a gay ol’ time at Pieces gay bar in New York City, where they sang and drank.

The girls’ night out included a drinking game of musical shots which — gasp — Adele actually lost! Even J-Law was shook and reportedly shouted, “How could you lose?!” Seriously, Adele.

Next time, please invite us as well!